• Designing and developing software to meet our clients requirements as well as to be responsible for our company.
  • Researching and conducting experiments with new technologies.
  • Improving and creating new features to work with an UX/UI Designer, Web Frontend/Backend teams and other teams to collaborate on the design of systems for supporting new features and technology.
  • Controlling the quality of the code to ensure high quality and accuracy. Testing and ensuring that it is easy to maintain, flexible and ready for the changes.


  • Able to write Android Apps by using Kotlin or Java programming language proficiently.
  • Able to use Firebase as a real-time database.
  • Understanding of OOP and Activity Lifecycle
  • Understanding of RESTful API to connect to backend service.
  • Understanding of UX/UI for mobile
  • Understanding of Programming Design Pattern such as MVC, MVP and MVVM.
  • Interested in AR/VR Technology.
  • Have a growth mindset and willing to learn new things.